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Optimising Your Electric Vehicle Experience on Summer Road Trips

Summer in Aotearoa is synonymous with hitting the road and exploring our stunning landscapes. And if you're among the growing number of New Zealanders who've embraced electric vehicles (EVs), you're likely keen to take your EV on a summer road trip. Here's your guide to making the most of your EV journey across our beautiful country.

Planning Your Route

First up, plan your route. New Zealand's EV charging network is rapidly expanding, but it's still important to map out your charging stops. Apps like PlugShare or ChargeNet can be real life-savers, showing you where to find the nearest charging station. Remember, in remote areas like the West Coast or parts of the Far North, charging points might be few and far between, so plan accordingly.

Pack Smart

Packing for an EV road trip isn't too different from a regular one, but there are a few extras to consider. A portable charger can be a real peace of mind, and don't forget your charging cables. Since EVs can be quieter than petrol cars, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for our native birdlife and livestock on those rural roads.

Driving Tips

EVs are a bit different to drive, eh? Regenerative braking can help you conserve battery, especially on downhill stretches. Also, driving at consistent speeds without sudden acceleration can help extend your battery life. It's all about getting the most out of each charge, especially on longer stretches like the Desert Road or the drive through Central Otago.

Enjoy the Quiet

One of the best things about EVs? They're quiet. This means you can truly enjoy the sounds of nature, whether you're cruising through the Waikato or along the East Coast. It's a serene way to experience our country's landscapes.

Plan for Fun Stops

New Zealand is full of gems to discover. While your EV is charging, why not explore a nearby beach, grab a flat white at a local café, or take a short hike? Places like Taupō, Queenstown, and the Coromandel are great for EV-friendly adventures.

Be Prepared for All Weather

You know how it is in NZ – four seasons in a day! Your EV's battery can be affected by extreme temperatures, so in hot summer weather, try to park in the shade when charging. And always have a plan B in case of sudden weather changes.

Be a Tidy Kiwi

Lastly, let's keep our country beautiful. Take your rubbish with you, and where possible, choose eco-friendly options during your travels. Every little bit helps in preserving our environment.

Wrapping Up

Going on a road trip with your EV is a fantastic way to see New Zealand while reducing your carbon footprint. With a bit of planning and a sense of adventure, you're all set for an amazing summer exploring the best of Aotearoa. Safe travels, and enjoy the journey!

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