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Maximising the Use of Your EV or Hybrid in Aotearoa

If you've recently joined the electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid bandwagon in New Zealand, you're not alone. With increasing environmental awareness and the government's push towards greener transport solutions, more Kiwis are turning to EVs and hybrids. But how do you make the most out of your eco-friendly ride? Here's a guide to maximising the use of your EV or hybrid in Aotearoa.

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Understand Your Vehicle's Capabilities:

First things first, get to know your vehicle. EVs and hybrids differ significantly from traditional petrol-run cars. Understanding your car's range, charging requirements, and energy consumption patterns is crucial. For EVs, keep an eye on the range indicator and plan your trips accordingly. If you own a hybrid, familiarise yourself with how it switches between electric and petrol modes.

Regular Charging Habits:

For EV owners, developing regular charging habits is key. Make use of public charging stations available throughout NZ, or consider installing a home charger for convenience. Charging overnight is often a good strategy, as electricity rates might be lower. For hybrids, regular charging can help maximise the electric-only mode, reducing petrol consumption.

Efficient Driving Techniques:

By safely adopting energy-efficient driving techniques can extend your vehicle's range. Accelerate gradually and make use of regenerative braking systems, which recharge the battery slightly when braking. In EVs, use eco-modes if available, to conserve energy.

Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained:

Regular maintenance is vital. For EVs, this means checking the battery health, tyre pressure, and ensuring software updates are installed. For hybrids, traditional engine maintenance is also essential.

Plan Long Trips Carefully:

If you're heading on a long journey, plan your route with charging stations in mind. There are several apps available that can help you locate charging points along your route.

Use Smart Apps:

Leverage technology to enhance your EV or hybrid experience. Apps can help you monitor your car's battery status, find the nearest charging station, and even control charging times. For example, Chargenet & Meridian Zero offer useful apps for finding your nearest EV charging station.

Join the EV Community:

There's a growing EV community in New Zealand. Join online forums, social media groups, or local clubs to share experiences, tips, and get advice from fellow EV enthusiasts.


Owning an EV or hybrid in New Zealand is more than just a trend; it's a step towards a sustainable future. By understanding and optimising the use of your vehicle, you're not only saving on running costs but also contributing to a cleaner, greener Aotearoa. Happy driving!

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