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Say Goodbye to Range Anxiety: New Battery Tech and EV Innovation on the Horizon

In a monumental shift that is poised to redefine the future of transportation, Toyota’s BEV factory president, Takero Kato, has announced groundbreaking plans to introduce innovative battery technologies and electric vehicles (EVs). This strategic pivot aims to enhance driving ranges, reduce costs, and firmly position Toyota as a formidable player in the rapidly expanding EV market.

A Strategic Shift in Gear

Toyota’s comprehensive technology roadmap lays out a vision that encompasses everything from next-generation battery development to a radical transformation of manufacturing processes. This represents the company’s most detailed disclosure of its strategy to make up lost ground in the EV race, where it has found itself trailing behind Tesla and other industry leaders.

Next-Generation Batteries and Quick Charging

With an eye on the future, Toyota is setting the stage to launch advanced lithium-ion batteries by 2026. These batteries promise longer ranges and faster charging times, addressing two of the most significant barriers to EV adoption. Additionally, the company has achieved a "technological breakthrough" in solid-state batteries, overcoming longstanding durability issues. The goal now is to develop a way to mass-produce these batteries, with commercialisation targeted between 2027 and 2028.

Solid-state batteries are considered the holy grail of EV technology, capable of holding more energy than traditional liquid electrolyte batteries. Their adoption is expected to accelerate the transition to EVs by alleviating range anxiety, a common concern among potential EV buyers.

A Diverse Battery Portfolio

Recognising that solid-state batteries will remain costly for some time, Toyota is hedging its bets with high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries. This cost-effective alternative has played a crucial role in boosting EV adoption in China, the world’s largest vehicle market.

Setting New Standards in EV Performance

On the premium end of the market, Toyota is raising the bar with plans to produce an EV equipped with a highly efficient lithium-ion battery, capable of reaching distances of up to 1000km on a single charge. To put this into perspective, the long-range version of the Tesla Model Y, currently the world's top-selling EV, has a driving range of approximately 530 km according to US standards.

An EV powered by one of Toyota’s solid-state batteries would push the boundaries even further, offering an impressive range of 1200km and a charging time of just 10 minutes. This stands in stark contrast to the Tesla Supercharger network, which provides about 321 km of charge in 15 minutes.

A Future-Focused Strategy

While Toyota has not disclosed the expected costs or the investment required to bring these plans to fruition, it’s clear that the company is fully committed to revolutionising its approach to EVs. Engineers at Toyota have been hard at work since last year, rethinking and redefining the company’s EV strategy to ensure they remain competitive in this fast-evolving industry.


With this ambitious move, Toyota is not just changing gears; it’s shifting the entire landscape of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. As we look ahead, it’s clear that Toyota’s commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability will play a crucial role in shaping the future of mobility, both in New Zealand and around the world

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