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Why this Kiwi-made Product is a Must-have for EV Owners

If you're anything like us, you're always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in electric vehicle (EV) tech. Well, we've recently stumbled across a home charger that's not only been designed right here in Aotearoa, but also boasts features that make it an absolute game-changer for Kiwi EV owners. Introducing the Evnex home EV charger!

Supercharged with Fast Charging

First off, let's talk speed. The Evnex charger is a 7.4kW charging station, which means it can offer significantly faster charging times than the standard home outlets. No more waiting around for hours while your EV juices up. With this bad boy, your vehicle will be road-ready in no time, making it perfect for our busy Kiwi lifestyles.

An Eco-warrior’s Best Mate: Reducing Emissions with Grid Insight

Being environmentally conscious isn’t just about driving an EV; it’s also about understanding the bigger picture. The Evnex E2 has been designed with this in mind. It accurately tracks charging emissions and gives you insights into how you can utilise cleaner electricity. It’s like having a green-conscious mate right there with you, guiding you to make the best decisions for our beautiful New Zealand environment.

Tap into the Power of the Sun

If you’re a fan of solar energy (and let's be honest, who isn't?), then you're in for a treat. The E2 allows you to tap into excess solar energy at home, essentially letting you charge your EV using the mighty power of the sun! This feature doesn’t just reduce your carbon footprint; it also cuts down your charging costs. Plus, you get to customise your solar charging experience, giving you the control to decide when to start or stop sessions and even prioritise solar over grid energy.

Keep it Safe and Smart with Secure Home Energy Management

We Kiwis love our tech, but we also value safety and efficiency. With the Evnex charger, you can fast-charge your EV at up to a whopping 40km per hour. But here's the kicker – it does this while simultaneously monitoring your home energy use. This means you can run your power-hungry appliances without a hitch, all while ensuring your garage is ready for the future with local load management, overvoltage protection, and ground fault detection.

At a Glance:

  • Affordable: Just $2,229 installed!

  • Charging Power: A robust 7.4kW

  • Available Styles: Four sleek designs to suit any Kiwi home

  • Compatibility: Works with both Type 1 and Type 2 charging cables

  • Proudly Kiwi: 100% Kiwi-made and designed for our unique conditions

Looking for an EV Charger?

At Green EV, we don't just sell you the next generation of smart EV chargers, we offer a number of extra services that help you save money and get the most out of your EV. For example, many of our chargers come with:

  • Home installation by a registered electrician – 7m standard install across Auckland

  • Evaluation and upgrade of customer’s home electricity plan to EV Plan

  • FREE meter configuration to EV meter at home (valued up to $299, if needed)

  • EV Plan offers half price night rate for all electricity used after 9pm

  • Discounted charging rates at Chargenet Chargers – pay your home rates at these chargers

Want to learn more? Click the button below to learn more about our chargers, or book a free consultation with our EV consultants.


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