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The Wallbox Pulsar Max: The Kiwi's Ultimate Choice for Electric Vehicle Charging

Kia ora, fellow Kiwis! Today, we dive into the Wallbox Pulsar Max, the electric vehicle (EV) charger that's making waves across Aotearoa. With more of us making the shift to electric vehicles, having a reliable and efficient home charging solution is paramount. And that's precisely where the Pulsar Max comes into the frame. Let's have a squiz at why this charger should be the next addition to your garage.

Powerful Charging at Home

With a whopper charging power of 7.4kW, the Pulsar Max ensures your EV gets juiced up swiftly. This means fewer hours waiting and more hours driving the beautiful roads of New Zealand.

Genuine Bang for Your Buck

For just $2,799 incl GST (through Green EV NZ), not only do you get the Pulsar Max charger but also a range of benefits. This includes a free home installation in Auckland by a registered sparky (that's electrician for our international readers), an upgrade to an EV-specific power plan, and if required, a free EV meter configuration. The package offers great value, making the shift to electric easier on the pocket.

Night Owl Benefits

The EV Plan that comes with our Pulsar Max offers half price night rates for electricity used post 9pm. For those who charge their EVs overnight, this can lead to substantial savings over time. More road trips to the Coromandel, perhaps?

Charging Outside Home

Pairing with Chargenet Chargers, the Pulsar Max allows users to enjoy discounted charging rates, equivalent to home rates. This is especially handy for those times when you're out and about and need a quick top-up.

Ready for the Future

One of the standout features of the Pulsar Max is its universal compatibility. Whether you've got a Type 1 or Type 2 charging cable, the Pulsar Max has you sorted. Plus, with the electric vehicle market evolving, this charger is future-ready, scaling as EV adoption grows in NZ.

Safety First

The safety features packed into the Pulsar Max ensure peace of mind. Overcurrent, overvoltage, or overheating? No worries! The Pulsar Max is designed to keep everything in check.

Stay Connected, Stay Smart

With Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, controlling and monitoring your charger via the MyWallbox app is a breeze. This smart connectivity ensures you're always in the loop about your EV's charging status.

Space-Efficient and Sleek

No massive contraptions here! The Pulsar Max sports a compact design, ensuring it fits neatly into any Kiwi garage, driveway, or even commercial spaces.

In conclusion, as we Kiwis continue to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and choose EVs, having a reliable, efficient, and value-packed charger is essential. The Wallbox Pulsar Max is a robust solution that delivers on all fronts, making it a top choice for New Zealanders. So, if you're in the market for an EV charger, it's definitely worth giving the Pulsar Max some serious consideration. Safe driving, whānau!

Looking for an EV Charger?

At Green EV, we don't just sell you the next generation of smart EV chargers, we offer a number of extra services that help you save money and get the most out of your EV. For example, many of our chargers come with:

  • Home installation by a registered electrician – 7m standard install across Auckland

  • Evaluation and upgrade of customer’s home electricity plan to EV Plan

  • FREE meter configuration to EV meter at home (valued up to $299, if needed)

  • EV Plan offers half price night rate for all electricity used after 9pm

  • Discounted charging rates at Chargenet Chargers – pay your home rates at these chargers

Want to learn more? Click the button below to learn more about our chargers, or book a free consultation with our EV consultants.


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