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Prime Time to Purchase! Peugeot Joins the EV Price Cut Bandwagon (Limited Time Only)

If you've been on the fence about going electric with your next vehicle purchase, Peugeot might just have swung the pendulum in favour of eco-conscious driving. The French automotive giant has decided to give car enthusiasts in Aotearoa a bit of an early Christmas present, announcing whopping discounts on several of its EVs and hybrids as we edge closer to the conclusion of the Clean Car Discount scheme.

Photo source: Peugeot NZ website

Leading their ‘Rebate Final Countdown’ sale, Peugeot's e-2008 compact SUV, the star of the show, has witnessed a price slash of a mammoth $13,000. For those Kiwis doing the math, after bagging the $7,015 Clean Car Discount rebate, you're looking at a neat price of $55,975. The same price wave has also hit the e-208 hatchback – a car it shares its battery tech with.

Next in line, the e-208 and 308 GT Hybrid hatchbacks are now lighter on your wallet by $11,000 and $10,000 respectively. Post the rebate, they're yours for $49,975 and $60,965.

But wait, there's more. The 3008 Hybrid4 hasn't been left out either. Peugeot's hinting at a colossal $15,000 ‘factory bonus’ for this model, pegging its post-rebate price at $70,695.

Yet, if you’re in the market for electric commercial vehicles, you might want to hold onto that champagne cork. Peugeot’s generous discounts aren't swinging that way.

Photo source: Peugeot NZ website

The backdrop of this EV price slashing spree? Christopher Luxon, the National Party leader, in the run-up to this month’s general election, had expressed his intent to sunset the Clean Car Discount feebate scheme by year's end. With the National Party’s win, the automotive marketplace has seen an EV discount storm from brands including, but not limited to, Opel, LDV, Polestar, and Volkswagen.

For those tech aficionados wondering about the specs: Peugeot’s e-208 is juiced up by a 50kWh battery, promising a range of 383km as per the WLTP cycle, delivering a power and torque of 100kW and 260Nm respectively. Its sibling, the e-2008 SUV, while sharing the powertrain and battery details, promises a slightly shorter range at 372km. The Hybrid4 and the 308 Hybrid, on the other hand, boast pure electric ranges of 60km and 61km respectively on the WLTP cycle. Fun fact: they both pack more punch than their combustion-only twins with outputs of 220kW (Hybrid4) and 165kW (308).

In conclusion, if the sustainability kaupapa resonates with you, and you’ve been considering making the switch, now might just be the ideal time. With Peugeot’s latest moves, it seems the roads of New Zealand are set to become a whole lot greener.

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