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Are EVs Really Cheaper to Run?: Why Kiwis Should Plug into the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

As Aotearoa continues to lead in environmental initiatives, a hot kōrero (discussion) topic these days is the tussle between electric vehicles (EVs) and our trusty old petrol cars. We know you love a good bargain as much as the next person, so let's dive into the big question: Is it really cheaper to run an electric vehicle or should we stick with the classic petrol burners?

Upfront Costs - Don’t Get Stuck in the Past!

Petrol Vehicles: While petrol vehicles might seem like the more affordable option initially, with the varied choices and familiar brands, their costs are steady, if not rising.

Electric Vehicles: True, EVs had a reputation for being pricey, but times are changing fast! With new models emerging and government rebates now available for green vehicles, the initial sting of purchasing an EV is rapidly decreasing.

The Real Juice - Running Costs

Petrol: With petrol prices often dancing like a yo-yo, we're all too familiar with the unpredictable costs of filling up the tank. These costs, unfortunately, have been more up than down lately.

Electricity: Here's where EVs truly shine! Charging an electric vehicle, especially during those off-peak hours, can be heaps cheaper than your traditional petrol fill-up. And if you're keen on getting solar panels at home, you could be cruising the roads almost for free!

Keep 'em Running - Maintenance Matters

Petrol Vehicles: These cars need a bit of TLC now and then. We're talking oil changes, exhaust repairs, and the occasional pricey engine drama.

Electric Vehicles: EVs are like the hardy kiwi bird – resilient and low-maintenance. Fewer moving parts mean fewer trips to the mechanic, and trust us, your wallet will thank you!

A Look to the Future - Resale Value

Petrol Vehicles: The market for second-hand petrol vehicles is reliable but as the world tilts green, their appeal might diminish.

Electric Vehicles: Early predictions said EVs would depreciate faster. However, as more folks are looking for sustainable choices and as EV technology improves, their resale value is holding strong, with some models even appreciating!

Our Turf, Our Responsibility

Beyond the pocketbook, there's the undeniable fact that EVs are kinder to our beautiful Aotearoa. Less pollution, quieter cities, and a significant reduction in carbon emissions - it's an all-around win!

The Verdict:

If you're thinking long-term and factoring in all costs, EVs might just be the smartest choice for the savvy Kiwi. The benefits aren't just about the dollars and cents; it's about making choices today that ensure our stunning coastlines, lush forests, and vibrant cities remain pristine for generations to come.

So, whānau, as we stand at the crossroads of innovation and tradition, maybe it's time to embrace the future and go electric. After all, it's not just about being cost-effective; it's about being effective caretakers of our land. Happy and green motoring to you all! 🌱🚗

Looking for an EV Charger?

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