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100 New Electric Vehicle Chargers for New Zealand: An Investment in a Greener Future

New Zealand is set to amplify its commitment to the electric vehicle revolution, with Minister of Energy and Resources, Megan Woods, announcing the addition of one hundred new electric vehicle (EV) chargers across Aotearoa.

These chargers will be strategically situated at 19 key locations along popular holiday routes, ensuring that both residents and visitors can enjoy the beauty of our nation without the worry of running out of charge. According to Woods, these locations are not just random spots on the map. The emphasis is on placing chargers on main highways, bustling thoroughfares, and at locales that Kiwis often frequent.

“The surge in EV sales is a testament to New Zealanders embracing a sustainable future,” said Woods. “Our monthly EV sales figures continue to impress, and as a result, we're liaising closely with the industry to ensure that our charging infrastructure is always a step ahead of demand."

The initial ambition was to ensure there was an EV charger every 75km on our State highways. This goal has now been successfully achieved, but as Woods remarked, the aim is to be even more ambitious. "Our refreshed vision is that every New Zealander should have the convenience to charge their EV where and when it's required. The co-funded projects announced today present a diverse range of options that EV drivers can anticipate."

But where exactly can Kiwis expect these chargers? Woods shed some light, mentioning that places like shopping centres, where people tend to park for an hour or two, will be among the locations. This ensures that your car can recharge while you shop.

And for those planning a longer drive, Woods had more good news. “In our bid to enhance convenience during extended journeys, the government will be co-funding the installation of high-speed chargers on major highways. These will span 19 favoured holiday destinations such as Bombay, Turangi, and the picturesque Wanaka."

Notably, this initiative also sees the introduction of the nation's inaugural charging ‘hubs’. These hubs will host up to ten high-speed chargers and will be complemented by essential amenities such as eateries and restrooms.

This progressive move fortifies New Zealand’s stance on green technology and showcases the dedication to creating a sustainable environment for future generations. With these new chargers, Kiwis can travel the length and breadth of Aotearoa with ease and confidence, knowing they're driving towards a greener tomorrow.

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