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Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes When Purchasing an EV Charger: Stay Electrified, Not Shocked!

So, you've taken the leap and invested in an electric vehicle (EV), joining the sustainable transport revolution here in Aotearoa. The next step? Sorting out your EV charger. But hold on a tick – before you dive in, let's make sure you don't get caught out. Here are ten things you should avoid when purchasing an EV charger.

Ignoring the Charging Speed

The power output of EV chargers varies widely. Ensure you understand the difference between Level 1 (slowest), Level 2 (faster and most common for home use), and Level 3 (fast-charging, usually commercial). Depending on your vehicle and needs, you might need a faster or slower charger.

Choosing the Wrong Connector

Just like our plugs for household appliances, EV chargers have different connectors. It’s essential to pick a charger that's compatible with your EV. The two main types in New Zealand are the Type 1 (J1772) and Type 2 (Mennekes), but always check your car's manual first.

Overlooking Installation Costs

The sticker price of the charger isn't the whole story. Installation can sometimes cost as much as the unit itself, depending on your home’s wiring and setup. Always factor in installation when budgeting. Pro tip: When you purchase an EV charger through Green EV NZ, you'll receive complimentary installation - plus a number of other awesome freebies!

Disregarding Future Proofing

Your current EV might be compatible with a particular charger, but what about the next one? Investing in a future-proof charger that can adapt to potential new EV models will save you hassle down the line.

Buying Without a Warranty

Like all tech, EV chargers can have issues. Make sure you’re covered with a solid warranty. If the deal seems too good to be true, it might skimp on the guarantee.

Not Considering Smart Features

Some modern chargers come with ‘smart’ features like scheduling, real-time monitoring, and even integration with renewable energy sources. These might be worth the extra dosh if they align with your usage patterns and sustainability goals.

Forgetting about Weather Protection

In New Zealand, we get a bit of everything in terms of weather. From the hot Northland sun to that classic Wellington wind, ensure your charger is durable enough for NZ conditions.

Neglecting User Reviews

Don't just trust the manufacturer's word. Check out user reviews to get the real low-down on performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. Kiwis are pretty straight up; if there’s an issue, they'll let you know.

Missing Out on Awesome Deals and Freebies

At Green EV, we don't just sell you the next generation of smart EV chargers, we offer a number of extra services that help you save money and get the most out of your EV. For example, many of our chargers come with:

  • Home installation by a registered electrician – 7m standard install across Auckland

  • Evaluation and upgrade of customer’s home electricity plan to EV Plan

  • FREE meter configuration to EV meter at home (valued up to $299, if needed)

  • EV Plan offers half price night rate for all electricity used after 9pm

  • Discounted charging rates at Chargenet Chargers – pay your home rates at these chargers

Wrapping it up

Purchasing an EV charger is a significant decision that complements your commitment to a greener Aotearoa. By steering clear of these pitfalls, you’ll be on the road (or off it, if that’s your jam) in no time, enjoying the benefits of your electric vehicle. Safe travels, whānau!

Want expert advice on your next EV charger purchase? Click the button below to learn more about our chargers, or book a free consultation with our EV consultants.


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